27 Best Ninja Blender Review Outlines (2017 Edition)


Check this out, a blender that offers incredible performance, high power, and fantastic durability, for a tiny price tag. It’s almost enough to make you feel suspicious, but our blender reviews should put your mind at rest. The BL2013 comes with an 88-oz. blending pitcher, Auto-IQ technology, and 2 24-oz Nutri Ninja cups.

Though it’s quite loud, it’s what most people would have come to expect when buying high-power blenders for their home. Additionally, in the Max pitcher, you might struggle to get great smoothies, instead, it’s best for soups and salsa blends.

If you’re looking for a personal blending solution that doesn’t ask you to figure out the ideal settings every time you use it, then the BL2013 could be perfect for you. It’s great for multi-tasking, and ideal for creating fantastic blends on the go!

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