310 Shakes vs Isagenix Shakes Review That Will Help To Choose Right One 

The popularity of meal replacement shakes as a means of losing weight is on the rise. The primary goal of these shakes is to cut down on the calories you consume, but yet maintain the intake of the recommended nutrients.

When we take a closer look at both 310 and Isagenix shakes, you recognize that they are similar and are designed to accomplish same results. Even though they are similar; know that there are specific differences between the two meal replacements shakes.

In this article, we will look at more in-depth information of both shakes that will help you as a consumer to make the correct choice on the best meal replacement shake to use. Let us explore various features that will guide you.

Nutritional information

This is one of the crucial aspects you must consider. From one serving of Isagenix isalean shake, you will get 240 calories besides 24 g of protein. On the other hand, you will ingest 90 calories and 15 g of proteins from 310 shakes.

Looking at fat and sugar content from the same single serving, you are receiving 6g fat and 11 g of sugar from Isagenix shake. 310 shakes have no sugar, but you will get 1 g of fat.

Regarding calories, protein content, sugar, and fats, 310 shakes takes the day.

Protein source

Both shakes contain three sources of proteins. Isagenix protein shake has milk protein concentrate, whey protein, and nonfat dry milk, whereby 310 shakes have, whey protein isolate, milk protein concentrate and whey protein concentrate. Both shakes contain proteins necessary for healthy weight loss. But remember Isagenix isalean shake will grant you 24 g per serving while 310 shakes offer 15 g.

Fiber content

Dietary fiber helps you stay full for longer, keeping you from consuming more food that will increase your calories, the results being weight gain. A single serving of Isagenix shake will offer 8g of fiber, whereby you will receive 6 g from the same measure of 310 shakes.

Based on customer isagenix shakes reviews, one portion of isagenix shake makes you full for around 5-6 hrs. For the same serving of 310 shakes, customers claimed to stay full for about 3-4 hrs.

This may be due to higher levels of calories, proteins, sugar, vitamins, and fats in Isagenix shake compared to 310 shakes.

isagenix shake ingredients

You will concur with me that vitamins and minerals are fundamental components of a healthy diet. A suitable meal replacement shake must provide adequate amounts of minerals and vitamins for proper body functions and to control deficiencies.

Both shakes have enough essential vitamins, and Isagenix has 23 with 310 shakes containing 16.

Here Isagenix isalean shakes win.


In your determination to lose weight, the flavor of the products you choose to achieve this objective will to a considerable extent determine your compliance.

Isagenix has been the leader in taste; this is due to the high sugar content in the Isagenix isalean shake. But 310 shake is now catching up with their new technology to improve the flavor of their products.

Fructose content

Fructose is the sugar in Isagenix shakes. Fructose is associated with health conditions like diabetes, liver disease, and obesity. It may not be fit for individuals who are at risk of developing these conditions. Remember that 310 shake has no sugar.


Your budget is a vital consideration as far as your weight loss journey is concerned.

Based on a single serving, you will pay around $4 for Isagenix isalean shake as opposed to approximately $ 2.40 for 310 shakes. But as you look at the prices, you should consider the overall components and benefits of each meal replacement shakes.

Scientific evidence/reviews

Scientific evidence and positive reviews of the product are a good lead on which shake to use.

Isagenix shake is backed by a clinical study that supports its work on healthy weight loss. 310 shake doesn’t t have any scientific research supporting it, though both have many reviews from buyers on how they have benefited from the products.


The choice of a meal replacement shake depends on many factors. But the primary concern should be to lose weight healthily. Your budget, lifestyle, nutritional and energy needs are other considerations that one should look into as the select the best shake. Though Isagenix is more expensive, it is a better choice than 310 shakes based on its constituents and results. There are lots of food replacement shakes, you can check isagenix vs shakeology reviews also to choose the right one. 

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