Healthy Food That’s Tasty Too: 15 Health Restaurants In LA

Have you made a promise to yourself to adopt a healthier lifestyle, but you dread the bland and unexciting palate that comes along with healthy eating? Or the painful starving that comes from depriving yourself? Well you have nothing to fear! In this day and age a healthy diet neither has to be bland or painful, you can eat delicious meals while remaining healthy and potentially losing weight.

LA is one of the best cities to live in if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are great chefs all across the city creating delicious and memorable meals using fresh healthy ingredients. You can get a healthy version of all of your favorite foods in LA.

Here are the 15 best restaurants in LA if you want to eat clean and heathy.

Sqirl Kitchen

This menu has several healthy and hearty options like the sorrel pesto rice bowl with a poached egg. The dishes provide a healthy option while fulfilling all of the food groups to boost your metabolism.

Evo Kitchen

This family run restaurant provides meals for every dietary restriction. It is located in West Hollywood and you can order meals like salads, wraps, and even pizzas that come with soy cheese for vegans and flourless dough for gluten-free.

Café Gratitude

This popular chain of restaurants provides plant-based meals with positive names like “humble” and “present.” These meals will rejuvenate both the body and spirit.

M Café

This eatery has everything from sushi to grain bowls on the menu and it adopts a macrobiotic style of food preparation. This means that the food does not have any refined sugar, eggs, dairy, poultry or red meat.

The Springs

This restaurant offers clean eating and also offers you a yoga class to go along with your meal so you can exercise and eat well all in one stop.


This restaurant specializes in healthy ingredients and offers dishes loaded with vegetables and whole grains. It was also named Bon Appetit’s fifth pick for best new restaurant in the country.

Kitchen Mouse

This cute little café is located in Highland Park and they offer yummy dishes like Gomasio brown rice cakes and crispy oyster mushrooms.

Mainland Poke Shop

The poke trend has taken over the country and this restaurant offers the dish with the healthiest ingredients. To start with the basis of Poke is raw fish which is healthy in and of itself. However, a traditional Poke may contain some other ingredients like Siracha mayo and rice that are not the healthiest options. So, the Mainland Poe Shop replaces those ingredients with healthier options like kale instead of rice.


This chain of restaurants are salad bars that help you eat clean and have a light fresh meal.

California Chicken Café

California Chicken Café offers you your chicken the way that you like it whether that be over a bed of fresh greens, in a yummy wrap or classic rotisserie on a plate. However you take it, this restaurant makes sure that it is low calorie and tasty.

Han Bat Sul Lung Tang

This Korean restaurant specializes in bone broth soups that are low in carbs and nutrient rich. The soups also include kim chi that is loaded with probiotics so that the soup becomes a richly nutritious dish.

SunCafe Organic

This establishment offers all organic options that go beyond just kale salads. They offer hearty meals like tempeh burgers and the like.

Flower Child

This restaurant is dedicated to ethically and locally sourced ingredients like its naturally raised proteins and farmers market produce. It offers meals like salads, bowls and wraps.


This restaurant offers dishes that take culinary inspiration from several countries all over the world like Jamaica and New Orleans. It provides healthy bowls that are all priced around five dollars!

Green Temple Vegetarian Restaurant

This restaurant is meat free and offers a delicious vegetarian meals that you can enjoy on their lovely patio.

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