LA Foodie Podcast Time: Wurstküche, Apple Pan, Fruüte, and the return of Jim Callahän!

This time, our old friend Jim Callahan stops by for another round of 40s, a mystery dessert from our friends at Fruüte, and way more speculation about the romantic intents of Flo the Progressive Insurance girl than you’ve ever considered (or have you?…) Plus we debate if anyone in LA isn’t aware of The Apple Pan and whether or not Wurstküche makes hot dogs or just sausages. If all that wasn’t enough, Hot Dog The Rapper returns with another update on the Top Dog Hot Dog competition! Yes sir, it’s a veritable cornucopia of food for your earholes! And hey, if you’re just sitting there listening, why not check out these visual accompaniments? Mmmmm…. visual accompaniments….